European Capital of Culture 2025

Chemnitz will be European Capital of Culture in 2025

The European jury announced the decision

Chemnitz wird Kulturhauptstadt Europas 2025

Today at 1.27 pm, the chairman of the European Jury, Sylvia Amann said the decisive city: "Chemnitz"

With this decision in favor of Chemnitz, a four-year application process comes to an end, which has been supported by many tireless actors, volunteers and civic initiatives. And so it is no coincidence that the program year relies on the makers.
Chemnitz won with an impressive bid book. With the motto “C the unseen”, Chemnitz2025 directs its gaze to the unseen: the unseen of the “quiet center”. The unseen city, the unseen European neighbors, the unseen places and biographies, the unseen talents in each individual.
The program also includes many other unseen cities or regions in Europe, which make a strong statement for democratic coexistence and especially the people who help to live a cosmopolitan community across national borders should be seen.

The European jury gave its vote to this project today. Chemnitz will be an impressive host in 2025. We would like to invite those from Hanover, Hildesheim, Magdeburg and Nuremberg in particular to make this European Capital of Culture year a joint one. We thank the jury for their trust in Chemnitz2025. And we thank the Kulturstiftung der Länder for the excellent organization of this competition in Germany.
Above all, we would like to thank all the residents of Chemnitz and the region for their great support in recent years. We did fantastic things together.

Barbara Klepsch, Saxon State Minister for Culture and Tourism: "I am overjoyed with the decision of the European jury. This moves a strong city in the middle of Europe even further into the heart of the continent. The award is an award for local cultural work and opens up new ones Opportunities for cultural life. Here it is important to me that we also think about the area around Chemnitz. As a meeting place, the region will become a central visitor magnet in the Free State of Saxony. I invite all those interested in culture from Europe and beyond to Chemnitz in 2025, to experience the riches the city has to offer. "

Lord Mayor Barbara Ludwig: “The penultimate working day as Lord Mayor of this wonderful city is clearly the best of my 14-year term. For Chemnitz, this title is a great opportunity to give and get a lot, to show a lot of the unseen. Not just pictures of Nazi marches, but a narrative of diligence and creativity for European values that are lived. An active, diverse urban society in international exchange. The title will give the city a boost, pool resources here that can have an impact over generations. I thank the jury for their trust. Thanks to everyone who accompanied and strengthened the path to winning the title with heart and mind. "

The way to the European Capital of Culture year and beyond will be a major economic program for Chemnitz. We will experience an enormous boost in tourism, new jobs will be created, wages may rise.

Elected Lord Mayor Sven Schulze: “This is a really good decision that I consider a great gift for taking office. I am very grateful for this and look forward to the challenging but also invaluable years that lie ahead of us. The work will continue. "

Project manager Ferenc Csák: “Behind all five German candidate cities lie intense months that also presented some unexpected challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I think all application teams did a great job there. That is why I wish everyone that they can continue the processes that have started. But of course I am incredibly happy that we have actually brought the title to Chemnitz and that we will be able to follow this exciting path over the next few years."

Chemnitz 2025

Wir haben´s geschafft - Chemnitz ist Kulturhauptstadt 2025

Chemnitz - the city of makers

The city portrait and photos can be downloaded for editorial use.


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