With the quarterly newsletter the EU office documents current activities and projects in the city of Chemnitz. The newsletter is sent by email - simply register in the form field. Older issues can be found in this archive.

Issue 1 2023 (February 17th)

  • 30th anniversary of the single marekt Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Europe Weeks from 30 April to 31 May
  • INTERPLACE project meeting in Chemnitz
  • Neighbours' on 26 May
  • German-Czech Future Fund supports exhibi-tion at the Art Collections
  • Building measures at the Chemnitz Waldorf School supported by EU funds
  • Mobility Forum from 16 to 18 November in Antwerp
  • Cooperation Platform from 28 to 30 November in Vienna
  • New website for 'EU Law in Force
  • European dates from February to April 2023

Issue 4 2022 (November 10th)

  • European Year promotes skills of all Europeans
  • UNESCO school camp with 53 students from Saxony, the Czech Republic and Poland
  • Volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps in Chemnitz
  • German Eurocities Dialogue in Frankfurt and Culture Forum in Lille
  • New General Secretary André Sobczak in office
  • 20 years of SOLVIT support in cases of non-compliance with EU regulations
  • European dates for November 2022

Issue 3 2022 (August 1st)

  • Mobility Day boasts biggest track yet and one- to four-wheeled modes of transport
  • European Week of Sport
  • 27th SCHLiNGEL International Film Festival from 8 to 15 October
  • Build Peace Conference in Chemnitz from 4 to 6 November
  • “Cultural Heritage in Action” study visit to Leeds
  • Young mentors in Espoo developed six recommendations instead of five
  • Holiday time in Europe: Travel rights in the event of delays or cancellations
  • European dates from August to October 2022

Issue 2 2022 (May 2nd)

  • Chemnitz celebrated Europe Week 2022 with festivals, exhibitions and exchanges
  • European Philharmonic Summer Orchestra and Choir with musicians from five European countries
  • Young people on exchange at fuu-sachsen gGmbH via Erasmus+ projects
  • Eurocities build bridges for Ukrainian refugees
  • Business meeting of the Mobility Forum
  • “Future Mentors Programme” gives the next generation a voice
  • “Pathways” – A trip across Europe on your smartphone
  • European dates from May to June 2022

Issue 1 2022 (February 8th)

  • 2022 declared the European Year of Youth
  • International, bilingual and cosmopolitan: Say hello to the new Stefan-Heym-Gymnasium
  • ZEUS teaches the use of facial expressions and gestures
  • Colourful roofs to be created as part of the R-EU-FTOP roof network
  • EUROCITIES annual general meeting from 3 to 5 November 2021 in Leipzig
  • EUROCITIES Awards ceremony in Leipzig
  • New chapter for EUROCITIES Secretary General Anna Lisa Boni
  • EU publications to browse and discover
  • European dates from March to May 2022

Issue 4 2021 (November 1st)

Die Teilnehmenden auf der Bühne während der Konferenz der Europaministerinnen und Europaminister
  • Conference of the Ministers for European Affairs of the German Federal States (EMK) held on 8 and 9 September in Chemnitz
  • German-Polish Youth Forum during the EMK in Chemnitz
  • “CommEUnity” project to provide support and advice to EU citizens
  • Programme for Eurocities Annual Conference 2021 in Leipzig
  • Twin city of Tampere hosts the Eurocities Culture Forum
  • Discussions between Mayor Sven Schulze and EU Commissioner
  • Smart durch EUropa (“The Smart Way through EUrope”) – a new pocketbook for children

Issue 3 2021 (August 2nd)

Europeam Mobility Week between 16 and 22 September 2021
  • The “Eventful Mile” and NUMICO Parking Week in-vite Chemnitzers to rediscover mobility
  • Clocking up the miles with friends an colleagues
  • New European Bauhaus competition for pupils in the Chemnitz cultural region
  • Video to mark Europe Day celebrates strong solidarity between cities
  • Eurocities 2021 Leipzig: annual general meeting from 3 to 5 November
  • The European Year of Rail - safe travel during the summer holidays
  • European dates from August to November 2021

Issue 2 2021 (May 3rd)

European Neighbours'Day emphasises the importance of neighbourly relations.
  • Europe Week 2021 lights up the districts of Chemnitz with the stars of the European flag
  • Global project seeking to reconnect people with nature in Chemnitz
  • Volkshochschule Chemnitz and its new ERASMUS+ project We:MoveForward
  • EUROCITIES working group Art and Culture in Public Spaces
  • Europass – a free tool for Europe-wide learning and working
  • European dates from May to July 2021

Issue 1 2021 (February 1st)

  • The Commission Work Programme 2021: A Union of vitality in a world of fragility
  • Werkschau Chemnitz - Made in Saxony from March to May 2021
  • Green and digital transition in Europe and Chemnitz
  • Places available in Danis volunteers projects for young people
  • Annual general meeting with strong statements from EUROCITIES members
  • Cimate round table on overhauling the EU´s energy and climate goals by 2030
  • School classes can take part in online European-wide quiz "that's eUrope"
  • European dates in Chemnit until May 2021

Issue 4 2020 (November 2nd)

The European jury has made its decision: Chemnitz is to be a European Capital of Culture for 2025
  • The European jury has made its decision: Chemnitz is to be a European Capital of Culture for 2025
  • The Future of Europe – solaris volunteers join the debate on 11 September
  • Online meeting of the German-Polish Committee held in Łódź on 11 September
  • 18. European Week of Regions and Cities online in October 2020
  • Future cultural perspectives for resilient cities
  • New digital EUROCITIES platform with website and members area
  • European Union updates on travel restrictions
  • Overview of dates for 2021

Issue 3 2020 (August 19th)

European Mobility Week and Week of Sport 2020 to go ahead
  • European Mobility Week and Week of Sport 2020 to go ahead
  • RegioStars 2020: Kindervereinigung Chemnitz e. V. makes the final round
  • Two Chemnitz entries for Europe at Home
  • WiFi for EU – Chemnitz Art Collections bid successful
  • EUROCITIES Cooperation Platform on 13 May attracts 117 online participants
  • Marvel at European cultural gems and monuments online
  • Other European events in autumn 2020 

Issue 2 2020 (May 6th)

The EU Commission ensures solidarity with a wide variety of measures
  • European support in the coronavirus crisis
  • International collaboration continues despite travel ban
  • EUROCITIES platform, virtual meetings, collaboration with the Commission
  • Children asked to design sustainable mobility solutions
  • European events in May 2020

Issue 1 2020 (February 7th)

  • 30 years of equality in Chemnitz, Germany and Europe
  • Environmental Agency and Urban Planning Office cooperate in HORIZON 2020 project "INTERLACE
  • solaris FZU sends and receives European volunteers
  • EUROCITIES Annual General Meeting from 20 to 22 November 2019 in Prague
  • Germany-wide EU project day enriches school lessons
  • European dates from February to April 2020

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