Küchwaldbühne (Küchwald Forest Theatre)

Jährlich im Sommer verwandelt sich die Küchwaldbühne zur Theaterbühne

Küchwald Forest Theatre is located next to the large meadow near the Park Railway in Küchwald Forest.

It was planned by the architect Roland Hühnerfürst in the 1950s and built by the city’s residents at their own expense – without a backstage for financial reasons. Küchwald Forest Theatre was opened during the Workers’ Festival in summer 1963. It offered 4500 seats for cinema, concerts and theatre performances.


It was closed in 1991 due to structural defects, but 18 years later in 2009, the association Verein zur Förderung der Küchwaldbühne e.V. was founded to restore it.

This association took on the listed complex and was able to bring Küchwald Forest Theatre back to life in 2010 with the play “MOMO” based on the novel by Michael Ende. The association’s drama group, which had 50 performers in 2010, had grown to 130 active members by 2011.


Küchwald Forest Theatre


Theater-Probe im Fritz-Theater

The Fritz-Theater is a cinema that has been lovingly converted into a theatre. It offers everything audiences could wish for from a luxurious evening of theatre: red velvet curtains, wood panelling, beautiful inviting lighting and 250 comfortable seats. The Fritz-Theater offers a varied theatre programme ranging from crime thrillers to comedy, from the classics to drama.




FRESSTheater (Dining Theatre)

Der imposante Saal des FRESSTheaters

70 seats in the breathtaking surroundings of the legendary hall of mirrors offer luxurious intimacy while simultaneously transporting the audience into the heart of the action. An exciting mix of baroque banqueting hall and hearty (artistic) pleasures. The culinary and the artistic are blended here into an unforgettable experience. An irresistible combination: singing waiters, an unrivalled landlady, a three-course menu, seven original plays and generous quantities of laughs.


Dining Theatre


Chemnitzer Kabarett

Saal im Chemnitzer Kabarett

In the Market Hall cabaret cellar, you can have (wild) satirical fun with the group’s company of cabaret artists, or attend one of the numerous visiting shows and concerts by the most diverse artists and groups.


Chemnitzer Kabarett

Kabarett Sachsenmeyer

...Saxon - rustic - packed with humour! That’s the Kabarett Sachsenmeyer, which entertains audiences in a variety of venues, including the Ratskeller, the Kulturhaus Grüna, the Metropol Cinema and at Klaffenbach Castle with a varied programme and a witty Saxon style.


Kabarett Sachsenmeyer

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