Market Fountain Competition Question and Answer Session

On June 21, interested participants in the competition for the design of a new market fontain for Chemnitz had the opportunity to ask questions in order to specify the task. Below the documentation of the answering of the questions of the participants and additional documents for the processing of the competition task:

Further visualizations

Questions and Answers

Questions relating to the extent, size and height of the fountain

What diameter should the fountain have? The location marking in the plans varies in size.
The location markings in the plans should be considered as being for guidance only, and not as specifications for the fountain size or shape.

What is the maximum ground area that the fountain should not exceed? (On the plan, the limit is approx. 7 m [diameter].)
The size of the fountain, in terms of extent and height, is a matter for the artist’s discretion, bearing in mind the specification that the fountain should be appropriate for the dimensions of the square.

Can you specify a maximum ground area for the entire fountain installation, i.e., the fountain including any envisaged seating?
The well chamber may not be covered over (see questions relating to well chamber).

The competition text makes the following statement about the size of the fountain: “The maximum extension of the fountain installation is determined by the use of the Market and should be in keeping with the dimensions of the square.” As I am not from the area, I am not familiar with the use of the market, including as a venue for weekly markets, Christmas markets, city or cultural festivals, or with the resulting requirements regarding the spatial dimensioning.
The City and the judging panel have deliberately not imposed any restrictions on the size, height, diameter or shape of the fountain, nor have they set out any other specifications, e.g. with respect to seating provisions or water basins. All these parameters are a matter for the artist’s discretion; they are dependent on the artistic means/media selected, and are determined by the artistic idea.

Is it possible to additionally plan for seating outside the specified radius?
Are there specifications relating to use of space for the Market Fountain?
If so, do these vary proportionally in different directions?
What dimensions may the fountain have then, how much surface area can it take up?
Is there a height limit?
Are there specifications for the maximum height of the Market Fountain?
What is the maximum permissible height for the fountain/artwork?
Is there also a height limit?
Is there a preference for a basin or can the water also be collected in a chamber beneath the square?

The maximum space available for the placement of the fountain including permanently installed seating, where applicable, is an area of max. 9 m x 14 m; cf. Christmas Market map attached as an appendix to the minutes.

Questions relating to the well chamber/pump chamber (size and location)

How far is the well chamber from the actual location?
Cf. Christmas Market map.

How deep is the pump chamber (floor depth)?
The pump chamber is 1,70 m deep. The pump chamber floor plan is attached to the minutes as an appendix.

Which side of the pump chamber points towards the Town Hall?
Precise details of the location are supplied in the floor plan.

Is the pump chamber protected against damp?

Questions relating to pump technology, soil conditions and infrastructure

Please specify the pumping capacity, flow rate, cross section and pressure for the existing centrifugal pump (feed pump) directly at the fountain – and the drainage pump for the water tank/water chamber – if this has already been installed. What is the circulation capacity of the water tank chamber?
Currently, no pumps, water tanks or other technology have been pre-installed. The basic fittings will be installed by the organisers only once these have been agreed with the artist.

What is the rating of the centrifugal pump (feed pump)?
During the detailed development of entries in Competition Phase II, it will therefore be possible to come to an agreement with the City regarding the pump rating actually required.

Please specify the precise position of the well chamber with dimensions, and the electrical and water connections to the well chamber.
The pump chamber floor plan is attached to the minutes.

What is the soil composition in the area of the intended position of the Market Fountain? Are infrastructure maps available showing the wastewater, water, electricity connections?
The composition of the subsoil in the square is as follows:

  • approx. 14 to 16 cm red granite paving
  • approx. 4 cm grit-crushed sand mixture
  • approx. 60 cm frost protection/gravel base layer


May we assume that the site is free of pipelines, cables etc.?
Yes, cf. also questions relating to services provided by the City.

How high are the lamp-posts on the Market Square?
The height of the lamp-posts is noted on the Christmas Market map.

Services provided by the City

Will the pump required by the artwork be paid for and provided/installed by the client, as required?
Yes, the City will provide the basic fittings, see the “Technical Information” appendix to the competition documentation. All special technical requirements which go above and beyond this must be financed from the budget provided for the realisation of the design.

Is the client responsible for connecting the supply pipe holes from the well chamber to the fountain?
The City will make available the piping for pressure and suction lines to the fountain site with wall penetrations, cf. “Technical Information” appendix to the competition documentation.

Who will cover the costs for providing the electrical connection and connecting the electrical system of the new fountain?
The city will bear the costs for the electricity and water connections as far as the fountain chamber and onwards to the fountain site.  It will also bear the costs for the piping for pressure and suction lines to the fountain site with wall penetrations.

Are there any pipes, cables, shafts, etc., beneath the location provided for the Market Fountain that are relevant for executing the construction of the fountain and its foundation and that will need to be worked around by the construction team?
A mixed water sewer exists in the area of the site, with a floor depth of approx. 4 metres and a covering of approx. 3 metres. This circumstance should be considered with regard to foundation work and statics during erection of the fountain. If, however, the design requires a sub-soil that is entirely free of pipes, cables etc., the City will ensure that the pipe is moved at its expense. A non-binding infrastructure plan is attached to the Question and Answer Session minutes for orientation purposes.

Will the City of Chemnitz be responsible for the building-approval process following the decision and commissioning?
The City of Chemnitz Buildings Approval Office is responsible for buildings approval, if the selected fountain is subject to this. According to § 61 Para. 1 Fig. 15b of the Saxony Building Regulations, artworks up to a height of 4 m are not subject to approval.

Services which must be covered from the fountain realisation budget (450.000 Euro)

Are the costs for works to adapt the paving to the artwork and basin part of the overall art budget, or are these covered by the client?
The costs for works to adapt the paving to the artwork and basin are part of the realisation budget.

Where are the interfaces between client’s work and the artist. Is it the top edge of the paving/foundation as usual?
The costs for the fountain foundation are included in the realisation budget.

Who covers the costs for static calculations, formwork plans and planning the foundations?
The costs for static calculations, formwork and planning the fountains are part of the realisation budget.

Is any provision of the artwork with seating part of the overall art budget or would, e.g., benches proposed by the artist in the direct vicinity of the artwork be provided by the client as part of the street furniture?
The artist is responsible for seating provision within the design, with respect to both styling and positioning. The costs incurred for seating provision form  part of the realisation budget.

Does the overall budget of 450.000 Euro include VAT?

Who will cover the cost of the foundations for the new fountain, the basin and the cabling of the illumination and its feed cables? Does the overall budget of €450,000 also include the foundations, the infrastructure for water, wastewater, electricity for illumination and control technology? Or is this covered by the client?
The cost of the foundations for the new fountain, the basin and the cabling of the illumination/control system fall within the artist’s realisation budget. The City shall make available all media (electricity and water connection) as far as the fountain chamber and beyond to the fountain site. It will also bear the costs for the piping for pressure and suction lines to the fountain site with wall penetrations.

I understand that the original paving on the market square is to be kept; is the restoration of the paving following construction of the Market Fountain also included in the above-mentioned overall budget or is it covered by the client?
Areas of spraywater should be restricted to the fountain structure/area, to prevent the washing-out of pavement joints. The Market paving is laid unbound.


What are the provisions for winter, covering the fountain/artwork? Who will cover the cost of this?
Even when the water is turned off in winter, the fountain should function as an artwork, therefore a cover is not required. The artist is however at liberty to make a proposal for a cover. No additional funds are available for a cover.

Where can lighting be positioned on the fountain? Is it also possible to make use of roof edges? If yes, which ones and where?
The City recommends that spotlighting of the fountain from neighbouring buildings should be avoided. Any illumination concept should therefore be developed independently of this.

Will minutes be taken for the Q&A session?
Yes, the Q & A minutes will be available online from 1 July 2018.

Will the fountain installation comply with DIN 31062?

What activities take place throughout the year in the square where the Market Fountain will be located? At what times does the actual market take place with constructed stands? What structures will be put up where in the meantime?

Weekly market (January to November)

  • Tuesdays to Fridays, 9.00 a.m. -   4.00/5.00 p.m.
  • Saturdays, 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.


Every first Monday in the months of February to November, 9.00 a.m. to            4.00/5.00 p.m.

Chemnitz Christmas Market 

Friday before first Sunday in Advent 4.00 p.m. to 23 December, 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.,(construction starts on 10 November)

Special events

  • “Hat Festival”, 3 days in May (25 May)
  • City Festival, 3 days, last weekend in August

The Market Fountain should be a central point on the Market Square. The temporary structures for the various markets will be oriented towards this central point. The character of the Chemnitz Christmas Market in particular should be upheld. A map of the Chemnitz Christmas Market is attached to these minutes. The sites marked 66 and 65 will be relocated following realisation of the Market Fountain.

How will anonymity be preserved? Do I simply send my documents without sender address? So it isn’t necessary to register participation in the competition in advance... or is it?
Anonymity is preserved by following Points 3.5; 3.9; and 3.10 of the competition documentation.

Are the prize money and the expenses payment included within the fountain realisation budget (€ 450,000)?
No. The prize money and expenses payment are paid in addition.

Does the artist have to pre-finance the realisation budget to the sum of € 450,000?

In Phase 2, is the artist given the opportunity to present his or her work to the Jury in person?
No, that is not expected.

Is the security of designs guaranteed during exhibition in Phase 2?
Yes, supervisory staff will be present.

Is the postmark date sufficient for compliance with the submission deadline?

Do all participants in Phase 1 and later in Phase 2 receive the jury session minutes personally?
Yes, the minutes will also be published online at

Are more substantial changes to the design of the Market Square envisaged within the next few years?

Is the fountain to be operated 24 hours a day? 
No. City fountains are operated on an individual basis between 9.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m., depending on proximity to residential areas and the specific characteristics of the fountain.

When will it be possible for the design to be realised?
The overall budget to the sum of €450,000 is included in the City’s two-year budget for 2019/2020.

Have artists from the city’s twin cities been invited to take part in the competition?

Should designs in Phase 1 (two A3 sheets) be submitted in portrait or landscape orientation?
Both formats are possible.

Can the documentary photos and the site plans also be supplied in editable format (e.g. as jpg, dxf)?
Yes. We are also making the photographic documentation available in jpg format, and selected plans in dwg and dxf format. Please note that all photos and site plans are protected by copyright and you may only use these for the purpose of this competition. Disclosure to third parties is not permitted.

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