Lodz (Poland)

Twinned since 1974 Lodz Logo
Population: 757,000 (2007)
Area: 114 sq. miles
Website: www.lodz.pl

Łódź is the third largest city in Poland and at the same time the capital of the voivodeship of the same name.

It lies in the centre of the country is the centre of the Polish textile industry as well as of the entertainment and electronics industries.

The Poznanski textile factory “Manufaktura”The Poznanski textile factory “Manufaktura”
Photo: City of Łódź

Also located in the city are a university, a film school and numerous other institutions of higher and further education. Tourist will find that Łódź offers buildings restored very great attention to detail, magnificent museums and excellent examples of 19th century industrial architecture.

 In 2006 the Poznanski textile factory was opened as the “Manufaktura”, the largest shopping and entertainment centre in Poland. The old factory buildings were lavishly restored and complemented by an new wing with a large shopping centre. The showpiece of the city is Piotrkowska Street – the longest boulevard in Europe.


The largest Jewish cemetery in Europe today was established in 1892. It is among the largest in the world. In one part of the cemetery are buried the approx. 43,000 victims of the Łódź Ghetto.

The twinning between Łódź and Chemnitz promotes a lively exchange of young people and athletes as well as good cooperation on a cultural level. Particularly in the artistic field the exchange is very multifaceted.

In 2003 the twinning agreement was renewed and adapted to current realities.

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