Düsseldorf (Capital of North Rhine Westphalia)

Twinned since 1988 Duesseldorf Logo
Population: 584,000 (2008)
Area: 84 sq. miles
Website: www.duesseldorf.de

Lying in the middle of the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region and the Central European Economic Area, the capital of North Rhine Westphalia is considered to be one of most important economic, transport and cultural centres in Germany. The trade fair city is the headquarters of numerous companies listed on the stock exchange and the German location with the highest turnover in the advertising and fashion industries as well as being an important centre for banking and the stock market. Düsseldorf Airport is the international hub of North Rhine Westphalia. The city on the Rhine has two inland ports and four universities, including the renowned Academy of Fine Arts and the Heinrich Heine University, are located there. Düsseldorf has a long tradition as a centre of the arts.

Duessedorf (Capital of North Rhine Westphalia)

During the 1980s the cityscape was permanently altered by several urban development projects, such as the reconstruction of the Landtag (state parliament building), the development of the Media Harbour and the construction of the Rheinufer Tunnel. With the Tunnel it was possible for the Düsseldorf Old Town to advance to the bank of the Rhine again in the form of the Rhine Promenade. During the 1990s a new office, business and leisure quarter developed in the Media Harbour.

Wide-ranging contacts exist between Chemnitz and Düsseldorf at all levels of the city administrations. The continuous and regular support from Düsseldorf, particularly in the fields of exchange of information and personnel, were a great help with the development Chemnitz City Administration after 1990.

The award of the freedom of the city to the former Mayor of Düsseldorf, Mr Klaus Bungert, was an expression of the gratitude of the City of Chemnitz for the support provided by the City of Düsseldorf. Clubs, companies and associations also maintain good and regular relations in our twin town.

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