Arras (Republic of France)

Twinned since 1967 Arras Logo
Population: 44,000 (2010)
Area: 4.5 sq. miles
Arras (France)

Arras lies in Northern France as is the capital of the Pas-de-Calais department . Among the landmarks of the city are two large squares in the city centre, the Grande Place and the Place des Héros. The Old Town with its late Gothic cathedral is an attraction for many tourists. The citadel erected by Vauban has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.


At the Université d‘Artois about 16,000 students are registered in 10 locations. Among the largest employers are SARL ENERSYS, a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries for industry, and the clinic. Of particular economic significance for the city and the department is the Eurotunnel, which connects the Continent with the British Isles.
 Until the 1990s the twinning lived primarily from exchanges of young people and students. With the political changes in our country in 1990 relationships with Arras stagnated and contacts were almost completely broken off since all Chemnitz initiatives remained unanswered on the part of the French.

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