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Historical buildings on the market place

Old / New Town Hall (double town hall)

The old town hall

The old town hall was built at the end of the 15th century and has had to endure several restructurings over the centuries.

At the foot of the town hall tower is a striking Renaissance portal with the half-body statues of Judith and Lucretia.

New town hall

Built at the beginning of the 20th century by the city building officer Richard Möbius, it is attached harmoniously to the old town hall. Since 1978, the carillon has been located in the new town hall tower. The 5m high Roland and the city coat of arms decorate the front of the new town hall. The interior design of the building is predominantly in the Art Nouveau style. In the Councillors' Room (Stadtverordnetensaal ) the famous mural "work wealth beauty" (Arbeit - Wohlstand - Schönheit) by Max Klinger (1918) can be observed.

The High Tower (Hoher Turm)

The high tower has its origins in the 12th century and was once used as a fortified residence for the city reeve or governor. Since the 14th century the high tower has been part of the old town hall. In 1986 the octagonal storey with a dome was constructed - in doing so, the tower retained its Baroque status from 1746. Today, the high tower is the domain of the Chemnitz tower.

Jakobikirche (Church of St. Jakobi)

The three-naved hall church with ridge turret is a Romanesque predecessor church from the 14th century. Highlights to be mentioned are the high-Gothic hall sanctuary, the winged altar from the 16th century with works by Peter Breuer and Hans Hesse, as well as the tracery frieze from the beginning of the 15th century. These sights became accessible to visitors after reconstruction work was carried out in the Jakobikirche.

Siegertsches Haus

The four-storey town house with the grand late-baroque house front from the 18th century was destroyed in the Second World War. The reconstruction of the Siegertsche Haus with its original Baroque house front took place in 1953/54.

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