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The night watchman of Chemnitz

The night watchman of Chemnitz

"Listen people, and you have been told ..." Among the special experiences in Chemnitz is the Chemnitz tower!

Hardly anyone knows as much or is as interested in history, not just of the town hall, as the man in formal tower clothing, Stefan Weber.

Weber is one of the few tower-keepers far and wide and is therefore also in demand for festivals, for example in Delitzsch, Düsseldorf and Zwickau. For anyone who wants to know something about the town hall and the history of the city of Chemnitz, a guided tour with the tower-keeper is recommended through the old and new town hall up to the high tower. Stefan Weber is dedicated to his city - as a civil servant in historical robes but also in this history association and other initiatives concerning history.

The tower-keeper is a centuries-old tradition: In 1488 the important work of the tower-keeper began in Chemnitz with a man by the name of Cuncz. Cuncz and his successors were also city musicians from which the craft of the town piper developed. In 1587, the tower-keeper office was separated from the musician office. Even up to 1913 there was a tower-keeper in the high tower, who was also the neighbouring ringer for the city church of St Jakobi and watch officer for the fire brigade. In 1985 the Deutsche Nachtwächter- und Türmerzunft (German Nightwatchmen and Tower-Keepers' Guild) was founded in Germany; Stefan Weber and his right-hand man Alexander Albrecht have been members of this since 1990. Every year the members of the Europäischen Nachtwächter- und Türmerzunft (European Nightwatchmen and Tower-Keepers' Guild), founded in 1987, meet up. The host for the meeting in 2003 was the city of Chemnitz.


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