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Theater Square

Theater SquareTheaterplatz (Theatre Square)

is situated partly below the main train station and is surrounded by architecturally significant buildings and constructions:

König-Albert-Museumsbau (King Albert Museum Building)

This building was constructed 1906-09 under the city buildings officer Richard Möbius and today houses the well-known city's art collections.

Opera house

The Opera house with its Neo-Baroque shapes was also created 1906-09 in accordance with plans by Richard Möbius.

This dominant construction on the Theaterplatz is identified by its domed structure and the towering stage area. In 1992 the Opera house was entirely reconstructed. Within the historically accurate outer shell there is an "opera theatre orientated towards the spirit of the age" with state-of-the-art acoustic engineering and stage mechanics.

Petrikirche (St Peter's Church)

The Petrikirche was built in 1885-88 in accordance with designs of the Leipzig architect Hans Enger. The tower is crowned with a high, peaked dome. The masonry built with bricks, the window design and the vivid decoration emulate the German Early-Gothic style.

The "Chemnitzer Hof" Hotel

This building was created by the architect Heinrich Straumer in the style of the Neuen Bauens period in 1930. In 1994 the hotel building was renovated, maintaining its traditions.


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