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Sculptures by Johannes Schilling

Sculptures by Johannes Schilling

The allegorical group of statues "Vier Tageszeiten" (the four times of the day) were originally created by Johannes Schilling 1863 to 1868 for the perron of the Brühlsch Terrasse in Dresden. The sculptures represent morning, afternoon, evening and night.

The humidity of the Elbe valley, however, created such an environment that the statues, which were made from Postaer sandstone, slowly corroded. Thereupon, King Albert in 1898 presented the originals of the "Vier Tageszeiten" to the city of Chemnitz which were then positioned on the current theatre square.

After the "Chemnitzer Hof" hotel was built, the Schilling statues were moved to the Schlossteich in 1930, where they can still be seen today.

The parks commission of the city of Chemnitz wraps the sculptures every winter with glass covers. These "winter clothes" should protect the sensitive sandstone from the cold weather.


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