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Petrified Forest

Petriefied Forest / Photo: Sven Gleisberg

The Petrified Forest is one of the main attractions of the city of Chemnitz. Created 290 million years ago by silification during a volcanic eruption, the Petrified Forest today represents one of the world's most significant collections of fossil wood.

Today, most of the petrified logs are on display at the Natural History Museum in the Tietz arts centre. Before the relocation of the Natural History Museum in 2004, the Petrified Forest was located on the east pediment of the Museum on the Theaterplatz.

The first logs were found in 1737. Even today, petrified trees are still being discovered during excavation work in the Hilbersdorf district of Chemnitz. In 2008, scientists uncovered a horsetail that was several meters in length.
Experts rank the Petrified Forest as one of the oldest natural monuments.

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