Castle Church / Schlossberg museum

Castle Church / Castle Museum

The late-Gothic hall church was built in 1136 as a Benedictine monastery and is among the most important architectural monuments of the city.

Among the significant artistic features are the Roman chapel, which underwent reconstruction work in the 1990s, the late-Gothic portal made of tree trunk-like fashioned stone by Hans Witten and Franz Maidburg, the scourge pillar of Hans Witten (around 1515), the Katharine altar (1499) and three paintings from the studio of Lucas Cranach senior (around 1515).


The schlossberg museum

The Schlossberg Museum was housed in the two monastery wings of the monastery which remained intact over the centuries. With the reconstruction of this, the re-building of the North and West wings was carried out in modern forms and, as well as this, the reconstruction of the closed ensemble.

Of particular significance are the surrounding cloister with chapter house, parlatorium and refectory on the ground floor and the small renaissance room in the East wing on the upper floor. The large room in the South wing is one of the grandest rooms of the Saxon early Renaissance.

Exhibitions on the history of the city, on the monastery and Chemnitz Castle as well as urban collections of old art and the lapidarium are to be seen.

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