The Chemnitz Christmas Market

Christmas Market / Photo: Dirk Hanus

The Chemnitz Christmas Market is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Saxony and has developed into a magnet for visitors from far and near.

At more than 200 stands around Chemnitz Town Hall in addition to all sorts of Christmas delicacies and lovely ideas for presents you can in particular buy traditional folk art from the Ore Mountains in the form of smokers (Raachermannl), Christmas arches (Schwibbogen) and pyramids. The five-level Christmas pyramid, the music box, the Christmas Arch (Schwibbogen), miner and angel, nut-cracker and snowman will carry you off into the Christmas World of the Ore Mountains. On the big stage in front of the Town Hall there is a varied programme of entertainment.
A special world will be discovered by visitors to the Christmas Market in Innere Klosterstrasse at the Historic Christmas Market. Mediaeval craft workers, mongers and taverners with their market stalls built according to ancient drawings bring joy to visitors, young and old. An ancient carousel turns in the midst of the hustle and bustle, a blacksmith’s forge glows, at the “Laterna Magica” the children can marvel at ancient fairy stories and in a wooden bath tub a couple of brave visitors enjoy a steaming “bath in the crowd”.


Miners’ Parade on the Eve of the 1st Sunday in Advent


“Glück auf! Glück auf! – der Steiger kommt”
(“Good luck! Good Luck! – The pit foreman is coming”)
This greeting resounds through the city centre of Chemnitz every year when the Miners’ Parade rings in the Christmas season in the Ore Mountains on the eve of the 1st Sunday in Advent.

With their impressive parade through Chemnitz city centre about 700 people in uniform from more than 30 societies and 250 musicians from miners’ bands form the climax of the eve of the 1st Sunday in Advent.


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